Marriage and Family Treatment

HartoHeart & Associates Inc. employs licensed post doctoral Psychologists and Counselors with decades of experience dealing with issues pertaining to marriage, divorce, new couples, and family matters. Below, are just some of the marriage and family counseling services that we provide in Downers Grove.

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Childhood and adolescence are often tumultuous stages for most children and teenagers in these chaotic and uncertain times. HartoHeart & Associates Inc. can help your son or daughter deal with their issues, including depression, bullying, self-esteem, and self-identity issues.

Couples/Premarital/Marital Counseling

The road to falling in love and getting married can be a rocky one. HartoHeart & Associates Inc. has helped couples identify hidden issues, including deal breakers, before they get married. We have resolved fundamental problems that have plagued married and non married couples through mediation, and trust and intimacy building.

Divorce and Family Mediation

Unfortunately, not all marriages can be saved. In such an event, HartoHeart & Associates Inc. can provide divorce and family mediation services to help families cope with the new and frightening changes that inevitably stem from divorce.

Family Therapy

HartoHeart & Associates Inc. also provides family therapy that emphasize the specialized roles and responsibilities of family members and how they interact to form a cohesive family union. By catering to each person's strengths and highlighting weaknesses the lines of communication can be opened and the opportunity for change will arise.


It seems that infidelity is becoming more and more commonplace with the hypersexualization that permeates our current zeitgeist. If you have been cheated on, are tempted to cheat, or have cheated on your partner HartoHeart & Associates Inc. can help you cope with betrayal, prevent a life-altering mistake, or deal with the guilt and ramifications that result from infidelity.

Parenting Coordination

Role reversals are becoming more common in these doubtful economic times. Problems pertaining to parenting conflicts and children can tear a family apart but HartoHeart & Associates Inc. is here to ensure that does not happen.

Sexual Abuse Treatment

Perhaps the most devastating crime that can behalf a person is being sexually abused by a relative. Incest is more common than what the media would have you believe, and HartoHeart & Associates Inc. will help a sexual abuse victim get through their harrowing ordeal.

Step Parent Families

Getting adjusted to a new family and newfound family ties can take a while to get used to. HartoHeart & Associates Inc. can help you get acclimatized to your new step parent dynamic.